Old vintage Bollywood movie posters

Old vintage Bollywood movie posters

Old vintage Bollywood movie posters

Old vintage Bollywood movie poster

Are you an ardent lover of old vintage Bollywood movie poster ? Bollywood posters studio offers you collection of old vintage Bollywood movie poster hand painted oil on canvas for sale. Our Bollywood movie poster artist are highly experienced and talented give the poster an original look. Every single beautiful stroke is seen on canvas by our artist of Bollywood movie poster, Mumbai which makes your art collection very unique and different.

Aalam Choudhary is highly experienced and talented artist done mastery in hand painting art, learned from his guru father Mr. Farooq Choudhary. His father was also hand painted Bollywood movie poster artist of billboards and hoardings. An artist who really gone through that beautiful and mesmerising golden era who dedicated his life to make every billboard posters and hoardings unique and ¬†impressive. These artist has really done a great job for making a single sheet posters of 30’X40′ inches approximately to huge hoardings and billboard.

These professional artist will make your vintage Bollywood movie poster to give you that same feel and retro look on canvas. Bollywood posters studio hand painted old vintage Bollywood movie posters are available both in stock and can also be commissioned especially for you in any sizes. Grab your old vintage Bollywood movie posters collection today for sale.

The revival of the classic charm of old vintage Bollywood movie posters with an artist Aalam Choudhary and founder of Bollywood posters studio ,Mumbai. This beautiful hand painted poster of Mughal-e-azam (1960) is hand painted by our artist Aalam Choudhary, Mumbai. A very rare and hand painted still of Mughal-e-azam, the biggest Indian film ever of Indian cinema. Mughal-e-azam is an eternal love story. The historical epic of Mughal prince Salim (who went to become Emperor Jahangir) and Anarkali (court dancer). Salim’s father, Emperor Akbar dissapproves of the relationship which leads to war between father and son.

Bollywood posters studio, Mumbai offers a huge collection of hand painted vintage Bollywood movie posters of 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s available in all sizes especially crafted for you from the last few remaining artist of Bollywood movie poster. Our business is to revive the dying art of hand paintings which is replaced by digital techniques of photoshop software. Photoshop software can give you that picture but the charms of the poster gets fade in digital techniques.

This opportunity is available for all general public and commercial establishment such as restaurants, hotels, salons, music library, books library, cafes, coffee shops, events and home. Grab your collection of vintage Bollywood movie posters today. For sale !!!

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