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Old movie posters vintage posters movies posters bollywood posters film fan posters classic  posters events reproductions portrait and many more are available at bollywood posters studio our one of the finest artist left in India MR. AALAM CHOUDHARY  has given his 22 years to hindi film movies by making hand painting.All old hindi bollywood movie posters, vintage posters, classic posters replicas are available in all sizes at Bollywood posters studio.Aalam Choudhary made his first painting at age of 16 years.He developed his hobby into professionalism.He commited to spread his art through out the world.He is one of the finest  artist in India with the capability of creativity posters lively.His work has been appreciated everywhere on national and international platform.His designs are such which visually attracts our customers other than prints.In todays time technology has improve and new types of techniques, tools and prints have come out .But the fact is it cannot match the vibrant colours, strokes, emotions, reality which can only by hand painting.Here you will get a wide range a collection of hand painted posters.Any type of hand painted  posters you want we will make for you.It is a promise of Bollywood posters studio.